strategy, planning and reviews

We know that the day-to- day running of any business often takes up so much of the day that you don’t get time to consider your one month marketing plan, let alone a 12 month or five-year strategy! And that’s how we can help. Our experience marketing professionals can support your current strategy work, or lead the development of your business’ marketing strategy to set it up
from scratch.

Of course, it’s vital to ensure your marketing strategy is developed from, and integrated into, your business objectives. We’re full of creative ideas, but it’s not about flashy ideas and clever straplines, it’s about what will benefit your business and drive customers to your door.

To support your rural business, develop a robust marketing strategy and to provide an effective positive return on your investment, we first need to understand your business – how it operates, who its customers and competitors are and where you aspire to be. As you know, long-term planning is critical for any business’s growth and your marketing strategy should be leading the way, drawing customers in and building a buoyant bottom line. There’s lots that we can do to help, here’s just a taster:


big: breakthrough days

Before you plunge into a writing a strategic document, it’s vital to understand a lot about your customers, your current marketing position and your business, and our big: breakthrough days are the perfect way to perfect your new strategic plans. We’ll discuss who your customers are, how they view your business, what the perception of your current brand is, who you want to attract and where you want to be, amongst many more essential elements that will define your strategic direction.

Not only will be feel invigorated at the end of the day, but you’ll also know that the hard work will have been worth it as, combined with our expertise, you will have had a big breakthrough and you’ll be sure you are on the right planning path, and that certain success is right around the corner!

future strategy

What does the future of your business look like? If you’d rather not write your own business plan, or you just don’t have time to dedicate to undertaking such an extensive job, then we can certainly help.

No-one has a crystal ball, but as seasoned marketing professionals we’ll help you gather information, thoughts, ideas from the big: breakthrough and help you apply reasoning and expertise to make predictions about where your best opportunities lie. We can offer market analysis and our opinion to help guide you to future success.

Our work with be comprehensive, accurate and pragmatic and will be the perfect strategic step in your marketing journey.

marketing strategy

AKA how do you get to your target?

You may have a vision and even a strategic document, however, you may not have had the resource or time to tailor a structured Marketing Strategy for your business.

What tools do you need and when should you use them? Getting down the detail of what you need to deliver and when, together with resource allocation and costings, can be a comprehensive undertaking. Making sure you have way to evaluate and monitor your marketing too may be a challenge if you haven’t planned for it.

Once a programme is in place, your business will find it easier to deliver, but if you’re still short on resource, we can help with that too .

If you have a project you'd like to discuss with us then please get in touch,
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