Lockdown 2: Back at the home office

3 Nov 2020 | Info

Lockdown working deja vu

In possibly the least surprising turn of events, we’re preparing ourselves for a second national lockdown of businesses and services.

But… there will still be companies out there, doing their thing and working through to provide us all with essential services, online purchases and a hint of Christmas preparation. Our appreciation and gratitude of the real key workers who make society function is increased again.

Everybody is still working differently, and we’ve got the hang of working in smaller teams, keeping distanced from people and covering ourselves in PPE and alcohol gel to keep everyone safe.

If you are one of those companies who is carrying on, what do you need to do to make sure we all know you are there and working safely?

Could it be…

We’re here and working away to provide design work for whatever medium you need it in – print, web and social media.

Get in touch to see how we can help.

Can i mention the ‘C’ word? (no, not that one).

Christmas is coming, and while it’s not going to be the same this year for anyone, it’s important to keep in touch with your clients and take an opportunity to let them know about your new services.

We’ve got tons of marketing products, alongside the usual print items and Christmas cards. Get the most out of your investment with products that last – send a client a mug that they’ll use forever, or a calendar that will sit on their desk for the year.

Have a browse of our Christmas catalogue below and get in touch!

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